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Clinic in Zambia
Giving back to our community

During Christmas time, Caring Hearts Pediatrics selected some families from our community in Hartsville to receive some Christmas gifts. With the surprise visit of Mrs. Claus, we shared a moment of joy and Christmas spirit.

This expression instituted by our founder Dr. Paul Alderman Coward, reflects the importance that Caring Hearts Pediatrics gives to each patient. For us, the healthcare of our patients is a priority and our team takes pride in giving them the personalized care they need and deserve.
Giving back to children around the world

Caring Hearts Pediatrics helps sponsor a yearly mission trip to Zambia where healthcare is provided to rural communities in need .United with SEE International, Caring Hearts Pediatrics has sent eye surgeons to Zambia, where many patients have received restorative eye surgeries that have allowed many people to recover their sight.

Jacob Coward
Zambia Missions
Caring Hearts at Zambia
Caring Hearts Pediatrics at Zambia
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